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Invited Speakers

Adrian Philip Gee, PhD

Houston, Texas

Reza Ahmadian, PhD

Düsseldorf, Germany

Massimo Dominici, MD
Massimo Dominici, MD

Modena, Italy

Jianlong Wang, PhD

New York, USA

Yusuf Baran, PhD

İzmir, Turkey

Ralf Jauch, PhD

Guangzhou, China

Yufang Shi, PhD

Shanghai, China

Erdal Karaoz, PhD

Istanbul, Turkey

Iranian Speakers

Administrative Counsil

دکتر شمسیان
Prof. Aliakbar Shamsian
دکتر احمدرضا بهرامی
Prof. Ahmadreza Bahrami
دکتر مریم مقدم متین
Prof. Maryam M. Matin
Scientific Chair
دکتر انسیه حاجیزاده
Dr. Ensiyeh Hajizadeh
Scientific Chair
دکتر حمیدرضا بیدخوری
Dr. Hamidreza Bidkhori
Executive Director

It gives me real pleasure to invite you to 2nd International Congress on Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine to be held jointly by ACECR-Mashhad, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, Royan Institute, and Mashhad University of Medical Sciences, from April 19th to 21st 2017 in Mashhad, Iran. The program committee of the 1st meeting decided to hold this international event biannually on a regular base to keep the national and local scientists updated with the very latest advances and applications in the field of Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine. We assigned these serial meetings "MASHHAD STEM CELL" and are trying to keep its profile as high as possible with your help and contribution. The program committee has planned to arrange sessions covering a wide spectrum of scientific disciplines in stem cell biology and applications. This would provide a great chance for young scientists to express and discuss their projects in the area of stem cells (basic science and clinical applications). It is also important for us to provide a pleasant social environment for the meeting attendees. You will have a chance to enjoy the wonderful natural and cultural attractions of the city of Mashhad. The deadline for abstract submission or applying for oral presentation is 10 February 2017. Your participation is highly acknowledged.

A. R.Bahrami
Dec 2016


Special Sponsor